Pentakill Studios


Pentakill Studios
Based in Valladolid

Founding date:
March 10th de 2021


Press / Business contact:



Calle Vega Sicilia 2
47008 Valladolid

+34 722 33 62 44


We are a Videogame Studio based on Valladolid (Spain)


Our Story

Pentakill Studios is the result of years of experience in computer graphics, architectural visualization, video game development, and 3D Animation movies.

We started in 2014 with the creation of iVisual School of New Technologies. Today, we have hundreds of students in both face-to-face and online modalities.

After that

All of this brings us to Pentakill Studios. It has taken us over a year to get the necessary funding to start the studio. We are a team of professionals specialized in different areas, with both face-to-face and remote professionals.

We are very aware that we are in a very competitive market, which is why we have invested heavily in equipment and technology. All this allows us to apply a workflow very similar to that of large triple A video game studios.

The Occultist

My father used to tell me stories when I was a kid. Stories about a place called GodStone. They tell of the place being cursed and abandoned 50 years ago.

I head there. The sailors think I’m mad, some say it’s a place inhabited by ghosts and demons. Others, the sceptics, simply say that no one goes there because the sea is difficult to navigate.

I know the truth. I am an occultist, I see ghosts and spirits that mundane people cannot see. GodStone… why did you go to the place of your stories, father?

I have to find him, he is not in the condition of his youth to venture into such a place. I hope I am not too late.


The Occultist teaser
Nuestro primer vídeo


There are far more images available for Pentakill Studios, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

Awards and Recognition

  1. «Finalists Best Europe Videogame – Euro Play 2021, Gamescom, 18 August, 2021
  2. «Finalists Best Narrative» – 8th Edition PlayStation Talents Awards 2021
  3. «Finalists Best Game for the Press» – 8th Edition PlayStation Talents Awards 2021
  4. «Finalists Best Use of DualSense» – 8th Edition PlayStation Talents Awards 2021
  5. «Winners Best Use of DualSense» – 8th Edition Play Station Talents Awards 2021
  6. «Winners Best Indie Videogame» – FreakCon 2022
  7. «Finalists Best Videogame» – Valencia Indie Summit 2022
  8. «Winners Best Indie Videogame» – Gamepolis 2022
  9. «Finalists Best Action Videogame» – TIGA 2022
  10. «Winners Best Console Videogame» – Indie Games Málaga 2022
  11. «Top 10 Winners Best Videogame» – GTR 2022
  12. «Winners Best Horror Videogame» – Soedesco 2022
  13. «Winners Best Audience Award» – Valencia Indie Summit 2023
  14. «Finalist Best Videogame» – Game Connection 2023
  15. «Finalist Best Videogame» – WN Istanbul 2023
  16. «Winners Best Videogame» – Madrid Otaku 2023
  17. «Winners Best Gameplay» – Kokoro Japan Expo 2023
  18. «Finalist Best Videogame» – IndieGG 2023
  19. «Finalist Best Sound Design» – IndieGG 2023
  20. «Finalist Best Visual Aspect» – IndieGG 2023
  21. «Winners Best Business Proposal» – IndieGG 2023
  22. «Winners Blockbuster» – Devcom 2023
  23. «Winners Indie Contest» – GameBCN 2023
  24. «Winners Best Horror Videogame» – IndieDevDay 2023
  25. «Finalist Best Action and Adventure Game» – TIGA Awards 2023
  26. «Finalist Best RPG Game» – TIGA Awards 2023
  27. «Finalist Best Indie Game» – IndieX 2023
  28. «Finalist Best ITC Industry» – Premios de la Industria 2023

Selected Articles

  • «The first 10 finalists for Euro Play 2021 have been revealed.»
    – VGC, Website
  • «The Occultist is the videogame that will represent Spain in the Europlay Game Contest.»
    Planetsmarts, Website
  • «The Occultist, by Pentakill Studios of Valladolid, awarded Best Indie Video Game 2022 at FreakCon Malaga.»
    EuropaPress, Website
  • «I have already played the first game in Unreal Engine 5, and the result is very promising.»
    HobbyConsolas, Website
  • «These are the winners of the Gamepolis awards, with a horror title as best indie videogame.»
    3D Juegos, Website


David Lorenzo

Alexis Sánchez
Lead Tech Artist & Environment Artist

Jorge Vallejo
UI Developer

David López
Lead Developer

Kevin Flórez
LookDev Artist & Concept Artist

Elena Arce
AI Developer

Natalia Lorenzo
CM & Graphic Designer

María Martín
Game & Level Designer

Sandra Valiente
3D & Environment Artist

Dominik Kwiek
Game Developer

David Álvarez
3D & Environment Artist

David Astruga
Character Concept Artist

Aamir Sultan
Character Artist

Rufat Melikov
Creature Artist

Miguel Ángel Monreal
Creature Artist

Pepe Herrero
Soundtrack Artist

Miguel López
Sound Designer

Pau Moreno
3D Animator

Christian Sokol
3D Animator

Alejandro Polo
Game Developer

Uriel Cruz
Game Developer

Duarte Martínez
Game Developer

Alberto Sánchez
Game Developer

Luis Miguel de la Torre
Game Developer

Jose Luis García-Morales
Game Developer

Marco Fernández
Game Developer

Álvaro Gil
Game Developer

Mónica Melar
3D Generalist

Salvador Marín
Technical Animator

José García Climent
3D Animator

Pedro Cazorla
3D Animator

Julià Beltrán
3D Animator

Contributors History

  • Pablo Sánchez – Developer
  • Nieves Domínguez – Internship 3D Artist
  • Alma Cantero – Internship Concept Artist
  • Claudia Rivera – Character Artist
  • John Domingo – Internship 3D Artist
  • Iván Rújula – Internship 3D Artist
  • Alex Robutti – Internship 3D Artist
  • Pablo Paredes – Internship Animator
  • Carlos Enrique Bueno – TD & Animator
  • Carlos González – Internship Developer
  • Josué Rodriguez – Internship Animator
  • Alicia de Aragón – Internship Animator
  • Jorge Díaz – Internship Animator
  • Nerea Robles – Internship Concept Artist
  • Carlos Martín – Internship 3D Artist
  • Álvaro Antonio – Internship 3D Artist
  • Héctor del Valle – Internship 3D Artist
  • Manel Gallardo – Internship Developer
  • Jesús Miguel Arranz – Game Designer
  • Leanora Schnog – 3D Animator