Pentakill Studios

Video Games Developer

Valladolid, Spain.


Job Description

  • As a developer, you will be the lead developer for an ambitious new project that will begin development shortly. Your main task will be to develop the logic on the server side, ensure high quality performance and responsiveness to Front End requests.
  • You will work on a product that will be used by millions of gamers around the world. You’ll be working state-of-the-art on a completely new project, so there won’t be any existing code to manage.


  • Experience: Unreal Engine
  • Interaction with SQL databases
  • Ability to improve and optimize existing 3D assets and textures
  • Video game experience: Motivated and passionate about video games, good understanding of game development production processes
  • Ability to accurately estimate time to complete tasks and manage priorities to meet deadlines
  • Ability to follow and adapt to different stylistic guidelines
  • Good understanding of composition, color, shading, lighting, post-processing
  • Ability to resolve any artistic or technical issues
  • Pro-active, autonomous, responsible and well organized
  • Keep good mindset and managing stress facing issues

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